5 Steroid Questions People Usually Ask

People have many questions on anabolic steroids. It is one of the most controversial topics in the world. Unfortunately, there are many wrong answers out there. Finding the right information is the first step towards acknowledging the real power of steroids.

1. Who Invented Steroids

Dr. John Zeigler is the father of steroids. He invented the first anabolic steroid in 1958. The members of the US weightlifting Olympic team of 1960 first used this steroid.

The need to stop Russian dominance in Olympics necessitated the invention of the first steroid (Dianabol). For about a decade from 1950-1960, Russia won most Olympic medals because of their Olympians using synthetic testosterone. Russian scientists were the first people to synthesize testosterone. An effort by US scientists to do the same failed but luckily they invented something more powerful than testosterone: anabolic steroid.

2. Are Steroids Safe

Steroids are safe if used according to instructions. Overdose of steroids makes them dangerous. Under dose makes them ineffective.

• Anabolic steroids suppress natural hormone production. So long as you are on steroids, this is not an issue because you will get all the hormones you need from steroids. After you stop steroid usage, this will become an issue. Therefore, after completing steroid cycle, engage in post cycle therapy (PCT). This will normalize your natural hormone production and make you to avoid the estrogenic side effects of steroids such as the development of man boobs.

3. Will steroids Help Me Build Muscles

Usage of steroids will help you to build muscles. Studies have shown that most people gain some muscles by using steroids alone without exercising or eating nutritious foods. However, to achieve significant gains you will need to exercise regularly and indulge in a nutritious diet on top of using anabolic steroids.

4. How Long Do I Have To Use Steroids

You can use them for as long or as brief as you want. Always remember to complete the steroid cycle and engage in PCT after it. Try not to skip any dose. Set reminders that will help you not to forget to take your doses.

5. Where Can I Find Steroids

In some countries such as UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, steroids are readily available in drug stores. In the US, the sale and distribution of some steroids is restricted. You can easily purchase such steroids online. Your gym colleagues will give you contacts of steroid sellers.

Steroids are Your Friends

If you are a man struggling with poor body image, you need anabolic steroids. They help you to become muscular easily. Steroids will also increase your physical endurance and sexual performance.