A Brief History Of Anabolic Steroids

Man has always been a competitive being. People have done everything in the quest to get that competitive advantage. Some eat all manner of food and spend long times in the gym. Others take the steroid route. Even before modernity, there were primitive forms of steroids.

Earlier History

People have used anabolic steroids for hundreds of years. In the earlier centuries, the Greeks used to eat bull testicles before Olympics. They believed that these testicles had anabolism value that would boost Olympic performance. That was long before the invention of steroids in the 1950s.

1950s- 1970s

This was the golden age of anabolic steroids. There were great steroid advances in this period. For the first time in humanity, there was synthesis of the hormone testosterone. This marked a turning point in the world of medicine. The Russians were the first to synthesize testosterone and this made them to win a majority of medals in subsequent Olympics.

Americans could not sit back and see the Russians take all the Olympic glory. Someone had to do something. That is when leading American scientists and doctors met and planned to create the most powerful steroid on earth. Earlier efforts were unsuccessful. It was hard for American scientists to come up with their own version of synthetic testosterone.

It was not long before Dr. John Ziegler entered the scene. This American doctor is the father of steroids. He invented Dianabol in 1958. Ciba Pharmaceuticals first manufactured this steroid. Dianabol became more powerful than testosterone. Dr. Zeigler gave it to the entire US Olympic weightlifting team in the Olympics of Rome 1960. The results were astonishing. Since them, competitive sportsmen have not stopped using Dianabol.

1970s- 1990s

The invention of Dianabol paved the way for the invention of other powerful anabolic steroids. Between these periods, there was invention of more than a dozen steroids.

• The invention of Trenbolone took steroid science to new heights. It is five times more anabolic than the hormone testosterone. Negma Laboratories based in France first invented this steroid in the 1970s.Trenbolone is the most potent steroid of all times.

• There was invention of numerous other steroids including winstrol, Deca Durabolin and Human Growth Hormone. With each new invention, there are improvements.

The Bottom-Line

Humans will continue using steroids. The popularity of anabolic steroids is growing. They are not only popular with sportsmen. Many people are using them for cosmetic purposes.