Steroid Bulking Cycles Call For The Best Steroid Stacks

A steroid bulking cycle is simply the period of time that a user is actively engaged in making use of steroids. For one to be on the best bulking cycle, you need to incorporate the best bulking stack in your cycle. A steroid stack, in simple terms, is a combination of more than two steroids used together to give better and faster bulking results. When the user is not actively on steroids, he or she is said to be “off-cycle.”

What are Steroids?

Steroid users embark on steroid cycles for three major reasons: bulking, cutting and performance. The best cycles tend to achieve all the three targets. Any effective bulking cycle lasts for at least eight weeks. Steroids are organic compounds endowed with definite molecular structures. The basic structure is normally made up of four rings of carbon atoms. Steroids are largely an artificial version of the male hormone known as testosterone. This is the hormone that provides the male human being with the masculine qualities such as strength and muscle development. However, steroids are not necessarily artificial since they can even be organic. Sometimes steroids can be classified as alkaloids and hormones. Under such categorization, estradiol is also thrown into the mix, besides testosterone. Furthermore, all anti-inflammatory drugs can be grouped under steroids.

Bulking Steroid Cycles and Steroid Stacks

The terms steroid cycles and steroid stacks are so closely intertwined to an extent that many confuse one for the other.  Since a cycle is the period in which a user is actively involved in using steroids, bulking cycles refer to the periods that users will be regularly using steroids, specifically aimed at making their bodies to “bulk up” or gain some muscle mass. Usually the best results in bulking up can only be realized when the most effective steroids are combined together. Such combinations are commonly referred to as steroid stacks. Hence for users to realize the best bulking progress, they must make use of the most effective bulking stacks. For instance, combinations of Dianabol and Deca, Primobolan and masteron, or Deca and testosterone are all referred to as steroid stacks.

If bulking up is your main goal, then an effective bulking stack is what you need in your cycle; and the only way to know that the stack is effective is to develop big muscles as proof, after a cycle of using steroids, with a regular workout regime. The body must also react positively, health- wise, for you to conclude that a steroid stack is of good quality and is effective. This also means that the process must be devoid of adverse side-effects.


It is always imperative to be aware that some of the steroid stacks for bulking up come with serious side effects such as liver and kidney malfunctions, increased blood pressure, unpleasant spasms, and many more. This is especially true when they are used over a long period of time. Such symptoms are also an indication that one has not yet got the most appropriate stack for his or her bulking goal.