Circumstances That Make HGH Legal To Use

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone that is released by the bodies pituitary gland. Regulating bodies cannot dictate how much the body creates of the hormone, but they can dictate manufactured versions of it. HGH levels gradually decrease as the body ages. Due to this occurrence, many people attempt to supplement the hormone. Questions have rose regarding the legalities of HGH, with consumers everywhere questioning is HGH legal or not.

Why Use HGH Replacement Products

In 1985, synthetic versions of HGH began circulating. The hormone was designed to treat growth deficiencies associated with adverse medical conditions, such as Turners syndrome. Companies began advertising that the hormone could be used to treat obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Fibromyalgia symptoms. Claims that HGH can treat these conditions has not been validated.

Medical conditions can arise from decreased HGH levels in the body. As the body ages, it begins to break down. This breakdown leads to thinning skin, decrease in lean muscle mass, and decreased endurance. These are the main reasons why HGH has become popular in present times. People believe that HGH can help counteract aging.

How To Obtain HGH Legally

There are hundreds of companies that sell HGH products or products with HGH additives included. The only legal way to get a pure derivative of HGH is by prescription. If a company is selling a supplement product that has a high amount of HGH in its chemical makeup, they are breaking the law. If HGH is being given to an individual without a medical condition that warrants its use, the entity providing the hormone can be prosecuted.

Homeopathic products that are made without additives are legal. To have a product marketed as being homeopathic it must be regulated by a board of trustees. The product must be effective, not make any false promises, and adhere to quality guidelines. Homeopathic versions of HGH are available in lotions and sprays. The topical application of the product, enables it to go through the bloodstream to activate the pituitary gland.

Side Effects Associated With Supplementing HGH

Supplementing HGH does not provide a lot of risks, but it is not free of risks either. The human bodies reactions to supplementation differ from person to person. Some individuals may experience edema in their hands and feet. While, other individuals taking the hormone will experience the benefits with no risks. The question is HGH legal cannot be answered without a thorough explanation. If prescribed through a medical professional, or obtained by a homeopathic provider it is legal to use.