The Top Prohormones For Cutting

You know you have to get in to shape as competition season is coming up. However, no matter what kind of routine you adapt, you are finding it difficult to remove those last few pounds. The fastest way to do this is by using cutting prohormones but you aren’t sure whether they will work quickly enough. Are there any tips you have to follow to get the most effect for the least effort?

Lets Find Out

Tailor your diet – Using prohormones for cutting is absolutely fine but you do need to have the basic building blocks in place for getting ripped. This means eating well and eating frequently. To keep it simple, you need to build muscle mass while burning fat. The prohormones take care of the fat but you need to add the right proteins, minerals and carbs to your diet to ensure rapid muscle mass formation. Paleo diets seem to work quite well as carbs are to be kept to a minimum while cutting. To get the most from your workout, load up on carbs post-workout and you should see good results.

Control side-effects – Even the best prohormones for cutting will result in estrogenic side-effects. A small amount of estrogen is required to gain muscle mass but too much will mean weight gain and not in the right places. To prevent this from happening, we recommend using the best post cycle therapy possible in the form of aromatase inhibitors. You will gain muscle, lose fat and water retention will be kept to a minimum.

Use cardio – Cardiovascular routines are very effective in amping up your weight gain. However, there has to be a careful balance between your cardio and your weight training. Use high intensity interval cardio training for about 10-20 minutes everyday to gain the most benefits your routine. Users have reported the best effects when the workout is done early in the morning and on an empty stomach. An effective routine will be 20 minutes of sprinting followed by 30 seconds of rest or 30 seconds of rapid swimming followed by 30 seconds of rest to be repeated over 20 minutes.

Use the right cycle – You will find thousands of companies and prohormone supplements online. We recommend you choose the best compounds possible and use them according to the dose prescribed by the manufacturer. However, you can choose to make your own cutting stack to get better effects. Please note that you should do this only after researching the compounds properly. Top of the line cutting compounds include the following:
1.Epiandrosterone which helps to cut fat very quickly but has side-effects like an increased libido and increased aggression
2.17a-hydroxy-5a-pregnane-32–dione which works just like Epi but with none of the side-effects.
3.11-keto-androstenedione this is great for fat loss and it seems to work on cortisol levels as well.
4.1-Androsterone works well but does seem to cause a little hair loss.
Almost all of these compounds can be combined with each other to create cutting stacks that will help you lose fat and gain muscle mass.

As you can see, using a cutting stack is quite useful but it does not work by itself. If you want great results, make sure you combine the best cutting prohormones with diet control, post-cycle therapy and training.