The 4 Key Benefits Of Using Superdrol

Every product has pros and cons, so it would be unreasonable to condemn a product totally or say that something is perfect. In the world of steroids, this statement holds true. While steroids are incredibly helpful in bodybuilding, they have side effects, some of which may be significant enough to deter consumers from using these products. Some steroids, however, have mild side effects, but great benefits, which makes them worth the hassle. Superdrol, for instance, is a super anabolic steroid that can be used in a wide range of cycles. This steroid was developed in the late 1950’s, but it only became popular in the year 2005 because of an interesting story. Read on to find out.

The Origin and Death of Superdrol

In the year 2005, The FDA had banned a number of substances that were classified as steroids. Unfortunately, Methyldrostanolone hormone, which is the main ingredient of Superdrol, had not been included in that list. In fact, Methyldrostanolone was only added to the list of banned substances in the year 2012. The manufacturer of Superdrol, therefore, marketed this product as a bodybuilding supplement, or a prohormone, and got approval to sell the product over the counter. Superdrol sales went through the roof as people reported remarkable gains over a short period of time. Under intense public pressure and complaints from athletics bodies, the FDA decided to withdraw its approval and ban the substance in the year 2006. This marked the death of Superdrol, in the open market at least. Since demand was high and the product banned, Superdrol clones came up and were made available on the black market. This is the only place you can buy Superdrol today. If you are looking for Superdrol for sale, you can search the internet for online dealers and affiliate marketers who sell the product. However, you first need to know the benefits and side effects of the product to help you make the right decision on whether to buy or not.

Benefits of Superdrol

i) Short Cycle

This anabolic steroid has a cycle of 4 weeks, give or take a week. This makes it the perfect kick starter to stack with other steroids in a bulking or cutting cycle. Most steroids that have the same efficacy have longer cycles, which is inconvenient. The short cycle is also great for the body, particularly the liver, since it will not be exposed to the steroid for a long time.

ii) Easy on the Liver

As mentioned earlier, this steroid has a short cycle, which is good news for your liver. Users have only complained of mild pain, in the liver, which fades away after the cycle. Others have reported that their liver was not affected by their steroid use. This makes Superdrol safer than other types of steroids.

iii) Superdrol Acts Fast

Most steroids usually take a long time to produce any meaningful results. While you may gain a little lean body mass when using other steroids, it will take you quite some time to add a dozen pounds, or more, of lean muscle mass. With Superdrol, however, you can expect to gain up to 10 pounds at the end of the first month.

iv) Versatile

Superdrol can be used as a kick starter during both cutting and bulking cycles, so it has many uses that will benefit you.