Overcoming The Weight Loss Plateaus

People who start a weight loss program may find out that they lose a few  pounds to start out. Once these few pounds are lost, they find that they stick at a certain level of weight for longer than they intend. This can happen throughout a person’s weight loss program. The first time a person hits a plateau, it means that she is no longer losing mostly water weight. On subsequent times, it means that a person may need to reduce the number of calories she takes in or that she needs to increase the amount of exercise she does.

What can a person do to overcome the second plateau? All weight loss is a matter of calories. If she has not hit her goal, she should consider taking a look at her calorie consumption. If she has not already started counting her calories, she can use either the Fitbit website or the tools available at My Fitness Pal. Smart phones also have apps that are not tied to either site. The Fitbit is not needed for a person to use the calorie counting tools on the site of the device’s maker. Owning the wearable fitness tracker is necessary for people to use the other features of the site.

The calorie counting tools, along with the weight loss tracker, can help these sites determine the number of calories they should eat per day. MyFitness Pal adjusts a person’s calorie consumption periodically. Someone who loses weight does not need as many calories to maintain it. If someone does to want fewer calories, she can compensate by engaging in more exercise. The average person usually finds it easier to reduce the amount of calories that she consumes. Age can make a difference in how effectively a person uses the calories she consumes as ell.