The Top Prohormones For Strength

Convert a compound via an enzymatic process and you end up with a prohormone. Muscle men, athletes, sportsmen and bodybuilders are familiar with this type of supplement, but others may know little or nothing about legal designer steroids. So, who uses prohormones for strength and what are their benefits? Strength prohormones aka human growth hormones or HGH are commonly used by people who need or want to remain physically fit. They combine the best prohormone supplements with a healthy diet and a rigorous workout schedule to experience superior strength and massive weight gain. These popular supplements are thought to enable bodybuilders to build mass and gain strength, so to help you decide for yourself; here is a list of the leading strength prohormones for 2017:


This superfood flavonoid has great health benefits, but how does the supplement work? The compound blocks the muscle growth protein known as myostatin. This particular protein slows muscle growth, so blocking myostatin enables the muscles to develop more quickly. People taking prohormones for strength noticed and reported immediate and significant strength gains. Other major benefits reported included: improved insulin insensitivity and improved blood flow. Body builders declared the flavonoid was one of the best prohormones for dry muscle gain and bulking.

Dual Andro Stack

This is one of the best prohormones for strength. Users felt the combination stack helped them to build lean muscle and gain mass. A percentage of bodybuilders stated they lowered their body fat and gained in excess of eight pounds when taking these strength prohormones.

Advanced Muscle Science 1-Andro Liquid

This liquid prohormone is one of the most popular on sale today. Said to be great for strength and cutting as the liquid is easily absorbed into the body. Muscle hardening appears to be the main benefit of the formula.

IronMagLabs 1-Andro

A leading strength prohormone that increases lean muscle and aids bulking.  This popular supplement is often taken alongside 4-Andro, in particular, the compound is ideal for weightlifters.

LG Sciences Bulking Andro Kit

When it comes to prohormones for strength, this kit is perfect for anyone who wants to build muscle mass. The formula contains a PCT and three different prohormones. The bulking kit promotes strength, aggression and lean muscle mass gain.

Blackstone Labs OstaPure (SARM)

Technically, this is a SARM rather than a prohormone. However, users are saying the substance helps to reduce body fat and promotes lean mass to make them stronger. This supplement is popular as it appears to have little or no side effects.

Advanced Muscle Science Anabolic Growth Kit

Increase lean muscle, superior strength and mass in four weeks. That is some claim isn’t it? However, many say this kit has enabled them to gain around 15 pounds in one month.

We have discussed the benefits of strength prohormones and mentioned some of the best prohormones for strength. People, wanting to increase endurance and size, reduce body fat and remain healthy and fit use prohormones. Fitness fanatics see them as a legal alternative to steroids and in general, human growth hormones seem to have few unpleasant side effects. The best prohormones on the market are popular with athletes and bodybuilders alike; in fact,strength prohormones are viewed as a serious supplement for every physically ambitious person with a serious aim.